We're committed to selling your pre-loved designer items quickly and at the best price!



What is consignment of designer bags?

Designer handbag consignment is when you send or drop-off your handbags to us to be sold and you receive payment once we have completed the sale. We work with you to determine the sale price. Our goal is to sell your handbag quickly and bring you the best value we can with the exposure, market reach, and product presentation we provide.

Do you only sell on consignment?

We offer three options:

Direct Purchase  - The quickest option. We pay 30% of the appraised resale value of your “new” and “like new” pre-loved luxury items, often paying out more than what you would receive by selling yourself through auctions or classifieds. 

Trade-in for Store Credit - We issue a store credit that never expires amounting to 50% of the appraised resale value of your “new” and “like new” pre-loved luxury items. You do not have to wait for your items to sell.

Consignment - The best option for you, and well worth the wait! We make every effort to sell your items quickly for the best price possible by displaying them in our boutique, marketing them on social media, and listing them in our online store and other platforms for up to 90 days. 

What is the consignment fee?

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer the lowest consignment fee structure in the industry. We are able to do so due to the high volume of transactions we process through our sales platforms and an established customer base. We employ a tiered consignment fee structure. The more expensive the item, the lower the consignment fee. Please contact us directly with a description of the item that you wish to consign for a fee estimate.

How will my bag be priced?

We consider the original retail value, its condition, current fashion trends, what our clients are generally looking for and comparable sales when determining the resale value of your items.

What if my bag does not sell?

Most of our bags do. Please allow us to keep your bag for a maximum term of 90 days. If the bag is not sold after a period of 30 days, we will contact you to discuss reducing the price. If the bag is still not sold after 90 days, you may choose to renew your listing at a lower price, or have your item returned to you.

To initiate the return of your products, please contact us in writing at our email or through our Instagram account. If you fail to contact us, we may continue selling your item at our discretion.

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